Calling All Pros: Make Money with TEMPTU!

Calling All Pros: Make Money with TEMPTU!

Do you want to increase your income and gain more exposure as a professional makeup artist?

Level up by introducing TEMPTU airbrush makeup services, allowing you to charge a premium for an in-demand skill with the best in the business.

TEMPTU has pioneered revolutionary airbrush makeup systems and premier formulas that are used by countless pro makeup artists around the world.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your artistry and boost your income with TEMPTU.

  • Master airbrush in days & boost sales with new, expanded services & the most coveted, premium-priced form of makeup for bridal & celebrities: Airbrush makeup
  • Give your clients what they really want — amazing makeup results with less makeup & less time in the chair!
  • Lighten your load & provide makeup services anywhere the assignment takes you
  • Spend less time cleaning, unclogging or sanitizing — & airbrush more clients, making you more money

Specialized services at a premium price: Once you’re a TEMPTU Airbrush artist, you can incorporate an upcharge or increased price for this skill set. At least 30% more for airbrush makeup applications!

If you're looking to differentiate yourself from other makeup artists and increase your revenue, incorporating TEMPTU Airbrush into your kit is the way to go. What sets TEMPTU airbrush makeup apart? Unlike traditional makeup techniques, airbrushing with TEMPTU creates a flawless, long-lasting finish that is perfect for special occasions like weddings or photoshoots.

Plus, the precision and control of TEMPTU’s patented airbrush technology allow for a more customized and natural look for each individual client. That’s why Pro artists all over the world choose TEMPTU for their work in Hollywood, on the red carpet, editorial shoots and weddings.

Cut application time in half: As a makeup artist, time is one of your most valuable assets. TEMPTU airbrush makeup is more efficient and more hygienic than traditional makeup, and whether you’re using a TEMPTU top feed airbrush or incorporating the pre-filled airbrush pods into the mix, cleaning and shade changes have never been faster to achieve your client's glam. No matter which option you choose, your clients will appreciate the speedy and professional service you are providing them, and you'll have more time to take on additional appointments or even take a much-needed break.

All that’s left now is to take the next step – invest in a TEMPTU airbrush system, sign up for Pro Membership today and start enjoying these benefits yourself!