Are you looking to give your clients a long wear foundation with skin care benefits? Say hello to Perfect Canvas Foundation. It moisturizes the entire time it is on the skin and delivers peptides to help fight wrinkles, plus antioxidants to help protect skin from future damage. This is a foundation that is truly good for your skin.

Perfect Canvas is one of the most hydrating foundations available due to its innovative moisture-retention technology combined with amino acids. This long wear hydrating foundation formula is 4x more hydrating than Hyaluronic Acid. In a clinical study, 84% of women who wore this foundation for 24 hours, stated their skin looked and felt more hydrated after removing this makeup.

Perfect Canvas also happens to be a long wear foundation, so it stays put no matter what the job requires. If you find yourself battling heat and humidity and need a sweatproof foundation, Perfect Canvas has you covered. This water-resistant foundation is great for the bride who needs a tear proof foundation too. No need to worry about wiping those tears away either, as it is also a rub proof foundation or transfer resistant foundation (which means it won’t get on the dress either)!

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