New to airbrushing? Don’t worry, TEMPTU has you covered with our assortment of airbrush makeup kits for beginners. These beginner airbrush kits contain all the products you need to become a top-notch airbrush artist that's ready to start transforming your clients.

The best beginner airbrush kit is the TEMPTU One Glowing Complexion Kit which features the TEMPTU One -- a cordless, handheld and lightweight air brush makeup tool and an intro collection of makeup to get you started. The TEMPTU One works with our refillable Airpod Pro, a top-feed airbrush and bottles of any of our airbrush formulas. It also works with our pre-filled, interchangeable Airpod makeup cartridges, which is truly airbrushing made easy – no more mixing, cleaning or breaking down complicated airbrushes. 

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