When anyone mentions silicone based cosmetics, they can’t help but talk about our S/B Makeup. This is our original professional formula and it features what many Pro artists consider the best silicone based foundation on the market. This iconic foundation has been seen on more runways, red carpets and movie sets than you could count. Here’s a few reasons why this soft focus foundation is so popular:

S/B Silicone-based Foundation (or “sb foundation” as it is known to many Pros) delivers the smoothest finish by mimicking the texture of skin for a totally natural look.

The hallmark of a high-performance foundation is its staying power and S/B is no exception. It is extremely long-lasting – holding up to lights, heat and humidity.

Only the best silicone foundation can leave your skin looking flawless, but S/B Foundation takes it one step further. Its soft-focus effect blurs lines and helps smooth over uneven skin texture or blemishes.

S/B is also a luminous skin foundation, as a professional silicone-based foundation its properties naturally deliver a healthy, radiant glow that delivers a hydrated, youthful look to the skin.

S/B comes in 12 custom-blendable shades and requires just a few drops to achieve the level of coverage needed – whether it's sheer, medium or full.

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