Different TEMPTU Formulas

Different TEMPTU Formulas

Perfect Canvas Formula

A long-wear, natural-looking, buildable formula.

Create the perfect canvas, transforming the client’s skin to appear healthier, more youthful, and perfected.

Experience TEMPTU's most advanced skin-like formula ever. Hydrating. Nourishing. Age-defying.

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S/B Formula

A Pro Favorite For Over 20 Years!

This soft-focus formula blurs fine lines and radiates a healthy-looking, hydrated glow on any skin type.

From foundation, blush, highlighter, and bronzer to hi-def colors and adjusters, S/B is perfect for ultimate customization.

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SilkSphere Formula

Pre-blended and ready to use in our patented, interchangeable Airpods, this soft-focus, dewy formula layers seamlessly on the skin with a lightweight, luminous, and long-lasting finish.

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