Brilliant Glow makeup primer

Why You Should Wear Makeup Primer

To prime or not to prime that is the question…that I get asked all the time. And for a lot of different reasons, I always recommend to prime. Not all of us need it as much as others because not everyone has large pores or texture that need smoothing, or maybe they don't have super oily skin that needs mattifying but why not prime if you can! Especially when it leaves you as radiant as this does. The new Brilliant Glow: Illuminating Primer & Skin Perfector, now in its second phase, has made this question so much more clear to me. YES, definitely prime. As a two in one skincare and makeup primer, it’s a no-brainer. When they first put out this product it was only in one shade for light to medium complexion and while I thought it was fantastic my one review was that I wished it came in a deeper or warmer shade for our medium/dark clientele. With Temptu, ask and you shall receive. We now have both. I consider the light/fair shade to be the cooler tone primer in a champagne color and the medium/dark shade to be the warmer tone primer in a bronze color. What is the WonderBright Complex we’ve been talking about? A Vitamin C derivative for brightening skin with daily use, the Cucumber essence which helps hydrate skin 4 times more than products with hyaluronic acid and it has micro-pearls that help diffuse fine lines for a soft focus finish while adding extra brilliance. Whether you decide to use the product alone for a healthy glow or under your foundation for a more subtle glow, you will feel instantly refreshed. I personally like to apply a sheer layer all over my skin as a primer, then add perfect canvas foundation on top, and then go over the foundation with another layer of brilliant primer on my cheekbones. It’s the perfect combination of a semi-matte finish with a subtle highlight, that doesn't leave you looking to wet, dewy or glittery. To me, it is the perfect radiance. I have now used this on multiple brides including my own wedding and the photo results left each with an angelic glow that every bride should be adorned with on her special day. That being said, Brilliant Glow will soon become your favorite beauty kit component for every day, not just your big day! You can apply by hand, by brush, with a sponge, or by TEMPTU Air which makes it extremely versatile. However, my favorite way to apply is by Air, that way I can continue to apply thin layers throughout the day if I feel like I need some refreshing. One of my favorite things to recommend even to my fair skin friends is using the med/dark shades as an all over body bronzer. It has just the right amount of subtle shimmer to warm up your skin and add some summer glow. No need to waste time testing orange, streaky self-tanners. So get out there and test both shades, we cannot wait to hear what you think! Written by Pro artist Kyle Harder