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A: Please visit 'Why TEMPTU' to discover the professional secret to flawless looking skin.

Q: Is TEMPTU makeup safe for sensitive skin?

A: Makeup brushes and sponges can easily harbor allergens and acne-causing bacteria, TEMPTU is more hygienic to use than traditional makeup due to the application with sprayable method. All TEMPTU Airpod formulas and products are non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog your pores nor cause breakout.  

Q: What happens if the makeup shade I bought doesn’t match my skin tone?

A: If you feel your foundation shade isn’t a total match, don't worry! If you’re a first-time TEMPTU customer, we’ll exchange it absolutely free, plus shipping’s on us! Just email our Customer Care Team at and we’ll be happy to work with you one-on-one to find your ideal foundation shade. Please note that we only offer shade matches to first-time TEMPTU customers.

Q: Can TEMPTU makeup cover body scars?

A: Our Perfect Canvas One Step Concealer & Color Correctors are ideal for covering small scars, spider veins or any body imperfections.

Q: Why does my makeup appear wet after application?

A: If your makeup appears wet after application, it’s probably because you are spraying too close. Remember to maintain a 4 to 6 inch distance between the gun and your skin, and to keep your hands moving in small circles for a sheer, even finish.

Q: How do I know if my Airpod is expired? 

A: Your Airpod can last up to 2 years, but once opened, we recommend you discard it after 1 year. If the makeup separates, clogs or feels sticky even after shaking it, it may be time to toss it and buy a new one.


Q: Why should I use TEMPTU Air and Airpod Makeup instead of regular foundation or makeup?

A: TEMPTU Air and Airpod makeup delivers instant, effortless skin perfection that lasts. It is the reason that over 50,000 Pros have turned to TEMPTU for over 40 years. Our Atomized AirFlow™ Technology transforms our professional makeup into a micro-fine mist for the most thorough, even and flawless finish. It also eliminates the need for traditional brushes and sponges. Nothing touches your skin but air and makeup. 

Q: What type of coverage does the Airpod Foundation provide?

A: TEMPTU Air and Airpod Makeup let you customize the coverage for your needs. Three-speed airflow and SoftTouch Control let you adjust the amount of makeup:  sheer, medium and full coverage, spot conceal, highlight and contour. Always stop and look in between passes until reaching the desired level of coverage. You want to see perfected skin, not the makeup.

 As a guideline:

  • 1-2 passes for sheer coverage
  •  3-4 passes for medium coverage
  •  4-5 passes for full coverage

Q: Can I use it to cover blemishes, dark spots and discolorations?

A: Yes, spot treat any blemishes, dark spots or areas that need additional coverage before applying TEMPTU Air as foundation. Set the Air on Speed 1 and hold TEMPTU Air 1-2 inches away. Press lightly on the SoftTouch Control and apply until the imperfection disappears.

Q: Can I use TEMPTU Air as my under eye concealer?

A: You can apply concealer before or after using the Airpod Foundation, however, for best results, we recommend applying it first.

Q: Will Airpod Makeup settle in fine lines and wrinkles?

A: The Atomized AirFlow™ Technology transforms our Airpod Makeup into a micro-fine mist creating even, skin-perfected coverage that hides everything and is so weightless, it feels like nothing on the skin. This actually helpsminimizethe appearance of imperfections, pores, fine lines and wrinkles. This creates a youthful, radiant look, and leaves skin feeling smooth, healthy and hydrated.

Q: Can I use this makeup every day?

A: Yes, with TEMPTU Air and Airpod Makeup, less is actually more. It deposits weightless layers of makeup onto the skin for a more perfected result. 

Q: How do I remove TEMPTU Airpod Makeup?

A: TEMPTU Airpod Makeup washes off easily with any cleanser or makeup remover.

Q: I have very sensitive skin. Is this makeup non-irritating?  How can I be sure it won’t cause my skin to break out?

A: TEMPTU Airpod Makeup is Dermatologist Tested, Non-Comedogenic, Paraben, Phthalate and Gluten Free. It is suitable for all skin types.

Q: I’m concerned with aging – too much foundation makes me look older.

A: TEMPTU Airpod formulas are engineered to mimic flawless skin. With our proprietary technology to instantly smooth lines and soften imperfections, along with lightweight, long-lasting, buildable coverage, skin takes on a soft focus effect—natural, youthful, beaming. With TEMPTU, less is always more; you want to see perfected skin, not makeup.

Q: My skin has a lot of redness/rosacea. Can I use the Airpod Foundation?

A: Airpod Foundation contains advanced color correcting pigments that instantly cancel out any redness or discoloration. It is extremely hygienic given nothing touches the skin – no fingers, brushes or sponges.

Q: Do I need to use sponges or brushes with the Airpod Makeup?

A: TEMPTU Air and Airpod Makeup simplifies your beauty routine. The all-in-one tool addresses multiple beauty needs, replacing brushes, sponges and countless products. The Airpod Makeup blends instantly – nothing touches your skin but air and makeup.

Q: My Airpod is not spraying. What should I do?

A: Make sure the tamper seal has been removed from the front of the Airpod. Try disconnecting the Airpod from the Air and checking that the black plug on the back of the Airpod is open. Also firmly pull back on the Clear Loop. For Airpods to work most effectively, occasionally “refresh” your pod (refer to the “Getting Started” video for details on prepping your Airpod). For extra support, email our Customer Care Team at

Q: How do you control the amount of makeup spraying from the Airpod?

A: The SoftTouch control regulates the amount of makeup that is released from the Airpod. With TEMPTU, less is always more. When applying to the face, press lightly on the SoftTouch Control for best results. If you press harder, more makeup will be released. This is only recommended for use on large areas of the body.

Q: My makeup appears wet and isn’t drying quickly. My makeup appears blotchy or heavier in some spots. Is there something wrong with the Air or the Airpod Makeup?

A: You may be over-applying the makeup by coming in too close or moving in a back and forth motion. The key to airbrushing is:

  • Remain about four fingers length distance from the face
  • Keep the Airbrush moving in small, circular motions for a seamlessly blended application
  • For the face, press the SoftTouch Control lightly, only press down harder for large areas or application to the body
Q: Will this product get on my clothes or in my eyes?

A: This is not an aerosol spray. No propellants are used with TEMPTU Air so it will not spray in a large cloud. Instead, our Atomized AirFlow™ Technology delivers pinpoint accuracy when closer to the eye area. If you wear contact lenses, gently close eyes and feel the airflow, use it as your guide for where the makeup is being applied.

Q: How long does the TEMPTU Air battery last? How often does it need to be charged?

A: The TEMPTU Air has a rechargeable long-life battery. It does not need to be charged daily, but can be with the included USB cord.

Q: Can I use the TEMPTU Air while it is charging?

A: Yes, you can use the TEMPTU Air while it is charging.

Q: How long does an Airpod last?

A: It depends on frequency and amount of usage, but your Airpod Foundation will on average give you three months of daily use while Airpod Blush and Highlighter typically last longer. We recommend using within 18 months of opening. You may need to re-activate it if you do not  use it for several weeks.

Q: How do I clean the TEMPTU Air?

A: Do not apply water or submerge in water. Use a damp cloth to wipe the unit.

Q: What is the warranty on the TEMPTU Air?

A: It has a two-year warranty, more details are provided online and in the user guide.

Q: Can the TEMPTU Air be taken on an airplane in carry-on luggage?

A: Yes, as long as you follow the proper guidelines for transporting liquids when carrying the Airpod Makeup.

Q: How is the TEMPTU Air different from the previous TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System? 

A: The TEMPTU Air is a truly portable airbrush makeup device, designed to make the application of airbrush makeup faster and easier than ever before. The TEMPTU Air has been redesigned to eliminate cords and hoses, be powered by a rechargeable battery and a smaller motor and air compressor that fit inside a hand-held device. Also, with the re-design of the SoftTouch Control and a simplified three-speed airflow – the user has control over different makeup applications at their fingertips.

Q: Can I use the TEMPTU Air overseas when I am travelling?

A: Yes, you can use the TEMPTU Air when travelling. To plug it in and recharge the unit overseas, you can insert the USB cord into a locally compliant plug or bring the TEMPTU Air cord and plug but use a plug adaptor to make it compliant in the area where you travel.

Q: Does the TEMPTU Air use the same PSI as other TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup Systems?

A: Our new innovation is specially engineered to deliver a smoother, more efficient airflow than traditional airbrush compressors, creating more skin perfecting results using less PSI.

Q: Does the TEMPTU Air come in different colors?

A: Not yet, it is currently only available in black.

Q: Can you use the TEMPTU Air for body art?

A: The TEMPTU Air is designed with three different speeds of airflow, with level three being the most suitable for body application.

Q: Is the TEMPTU Air available to purchase outside the U.S.?

A: At this time, distribution of the TEMPTU Air is primarily through U.S. based retail partners. We are continuing to look at opportunities to expand distribution of the TEMPTU Air internationally.


Q: What happens if the airbrush won’t spray?

A: If your airbrush isn’t spraying evenly or at all, it may because the needle or nozzle (or both) is damaged. Remove the needle from the airbrush gun and run the tip across a piece of tissue. If it snags on the tissue that means your needle is damaged and must be replaced. To check the nozzle, take off the needle cap and nozzle cap from the front of your airbrush gun. If the nozzle does not feel smooth when you touch it, it might be damaged and would need to be replaced as well.

It’s also possible that the airbrush is dirty. Any makeup buildup would cause the gun to clog and spray unevenly. To clean your airbrush, remove the nozzle with the wrench tool provided with your airbrush gun. Then, using the smallest brush in the airbrush cleaning kit, scrub the passageway that leads to the cup. 

If you need further assistance, please email our Customer Care Team at Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:00pm ET.

Q: The airbrush compressor is on but it’s not spraying?

A: Try removing the Airpod from the gun, and check the short black rubber tube in front for damage. If that appears intact, check the hose that connects the gun to the compressor— it may be ripped, torn or punctured. Email our Customer Care Team at to learn how you can get a replacement.

Q: My Airpod is not dispensing makeup?

A: If your Airpod is not working or is spraying inconsistently, there may be some built-up air pressure inside it. Gently pull the clear loop (located next to the black plug) on the pod several times to loosen it up and release the pressure. You can also check if the nozzle of the pod is clean and free of any makeup residue.

Q: Why is the TEMPTU Air™ battery not charging?

A: The battery won’t charge when it is connected to the compressor. To charge the battery, disconnect the battery from the compressor and plug it directly into an outlet using the A/C adapter. If that doesn’t work, email our Customer Care Team at


Q: How do I make changes, add or remove items or cancel an order I just placed?

A: Any changes to your order regarding shipping address or cancellation can be made within the first 24 hours of the order. Please email our Customer Care Team at, Monday - Friday 9:30am - 6:00pm EST to do so. **Please Note: Once your order is placed we are not able to add or remove items from the order.

Q: Why isn’t my promotional code being accepted?

A: You may have entered the wrong promotional code or it may be expired. Please check the expiration date, re-type it in the box labeled “Apply Discount Code” on your Shopping Cart page, and click apply. Remember, and are separate websites with their own set of promotional codes.


Q: How do I track my package?

A: Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email with your shipment tracking number. You can check the status of your shipment by clicking on the tracking number within that email or by logging into My Account. If you do not receive an email within 24-72 hours, please email our Customer Care Team at

Q: What if my package arrived damaged, how do I get a replacement?

A: If your package arrived damaged, your order is incorrect or missing some items, please email our Customer Care Team at and we’ll be happy to assist you with your replacement.

Q: Do you also offer free standard shipping for orders over $50 to Canada?

A: Free shipping is only available for US orders. Please note: All Canadian orders are processed in USD and at the current exchange rate. For more information about shipping options and charges to Canada, please visit our Shipping and Returns page.

Q: Do you ship outside the U.S.?

A: We only ship products within the U.S., U.S. territories and Canada at this time. For more information about shipping options and charges, please visit our Shipping and Returns page.


Q: Can I return my products even if they’re used? 

A: If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return the product within 45 days from its order date. To return product, please email our Customer Care Team at to obtain a return authorization number. This should be written outside the package you intend to return. Please note that returns will not be accepted without a return authorization.

Q: What is TEMPTU’s Warranty?

A: TEMPTU equipment includes a one-year warranty. Please refer to our Warranty page for further information.

Q: What is TEMPTU’s Guarantee?

A: If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with any of our products, simply return them within 45 days from ship date. Even if they're empty, we will be happy to provide a full refund of your purchase (less S&H).


Q: Why can’t I access My Account on the TEMPTU website?

A: and are two separate websites. You will need to create 2 different accounts to have access to orders made on each website.

Q: I can’t remember my password. How can I retrieve or reset it?

A: If you’re having problems signing in, simply click “Forgot Password” and a temporary password will be sent to the email address registered under your account. If you are still experiencing issues, please email our Customer Care Team at for further assistance.