Bridal Makeup

4 Bridal Makeup Tips For The Big Day

When engaged ladies are looking for bridal makeup tips, there’s no question: the best pointers come from the women who have already walked down the aisle themselves and the makeup artists who prepared them on their big days.

It’s no surprise, all eyes (and cameras) will be focusing in on the couple, so to try and manage the “unpredictable” - dry skin, humidity, rain snow, tears, etc. Use these tips and tricks to help you look your best.

Find Your Look

Before the wedding day, it’s super important to try out how your makeup is going to look and feel. Consult a makeup artist (the same one you plan to work with before you walk down the aisle) for a test run or trial. If you’re doing your own makeup, practice your routine a few times for good measure. During a makeup trial, the consultant will likely ask you what your normal makeup routine is and expand from there. It doesn’t hurt to bring inspiration photos, too.

Prep Your Pores

Having beautiful skin, and an even canvas, is important so the applied makeup can look its best! Prepare for a perfect palate by taking your makeup off at night, and maybe even seeing a dermatologist to determine how to perfect your skin leading up to the wedding. For day-of dull, tired, lackluster skin, our Brilliant Glow: Illuminating Primer & Skin Perfector can restore your luminous glow and the look of brighter, healthier skin.

Use Waterproof and Water Resistant Products

Your significant other prepared vows made out of a romance novel. Your mom’s crying, your best friend’s crying, and, here comes your tears! Choosing waterproof or water resistant products will alleviate any possibility of having a makeup meltdown.

Keep Products Readily Available

No matter the weather, you need the most reliable makeup to stick with you throughout the day. Our Perfect Canvas Airpod Blush delivers a long-lasting skin-perfecting color. If it seems to be fading (after hours of smiling and schmoozing), don’t be afraid to reapply. After all, the weightless formula is completely buildable. You can tone it down with a natural hint of color or turn it up with a vibrant pop. It also doesn’t hurt to have makeup on hand for the bridal party as well, in-case-of-emergency.

Try these bridal makeup tips for your wedding, or the next formal occasion on your calendar, to see how they work in action!

A Few Pro Tips

  • Don’t use glitter powders on the body… it will in the camera.

Airspray Brilliant Glow: Illuminating Primer & Skin Perfector instead – on the clavicles, shoulders etc. It’s transfer and water resistant, long lasting and will give your skin a lovely glow without the sparkle.

  • Avoid heavy foundations that need to be powdered... they tend to crease with time or rub off on clothes.
  • Don’t be trendy. It will look outdated down the line. You want your wedding pictures to be timeless.
  • Think Red Carpet. A classic Hollywood lip and eyeliner, or a well- blended smokey eye with a nude lip will always look chic and fresh…most of all : Focus on flawless, glowing skin.