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4 Makeup Tips For Your Best Photos, Ever

These pointers will make your wedding, social media and events pictures perfect (thank us later)

We could all use a few makeup tips for photos, because the reality is: we’re constantly taking pictures, every chance we get. Whether they’re for a formal, one-time event or we’re simply snapping a few casual-looking shots for Instagram, we want to show the camera our best self.

The great news is: it’s easy to do! With a few products and some pro advice, there’s no reason your face can’t look as good (or even better) than all the IG models and influencers that make it look natural.

Read on for our 4 makeup tips for your best photos, ever.

Primer Prep

A flash can often light up (read: exaggerate) imperfections, but our Brilliant Glow: Illuminating Primer & Skin Perfector conceals those annoying inconsistencies and fine lines. No photo editing here, just a quick application at the beginning of your makeup routine!

Match Your Face and Neck

For the purpose of taking pics, or just taking a stroll, continuing to apply foundation below your jawline (read: on your neck), is a good idea. Our Perfect Canvas Airpod Foundation is incredibly lightweight and seamless, and provides even coverage for your face and your neck easily! While two-toned backgrounds can look artsy in pics, you don’t want the same effect resulting from your makeup (or lack of).

Line With Liquid

Instead of using a pencil eyeliner (or no eyeliner at all), liquid liner can help define eyes a bit more, without looking unnatural. In photos, even a fine liquid line can make a huge difference. Keep it subtle or make a statement (and rock that cat eye) by taking a minute to apply.

Allow Your Brows To Bring It Together

In photos, eyebrows help enhance your bone structure. Using our Brow Stencils, you can define and shape brows to perfection with pre-cut arch shapes, for the most flattering look that fits your face!

Apply these makeup photo tips during your next get-together with friends, a birthday party, a rehearsal dinner, or even a night out on the town, to see how you can instantly transform a picture.