5 Different Highlighter Colors

How to Use Highlighter on Your Face

5 ways highlighter improves your makeup look

Once you conquer how to use highlighter, you can conquer the world, or at least the rest of our makeup bag and the day/night ahead. Highlighters are underrated, and they create a natural-looking shimmer and luminocity you just can’t find in other cosmetics.

Foundation, blush and eyeshadow pallets definitely have their place within our makeup routines, but highlighters are a different type of product. For one: they’re versatile.

From your nose to your cheeks, cheekbones and beyond: to get the most efficient (and best) use of our Perfect Canvas Airpod Highlighter, read on for five tips and tricks to get your glow on.

Nose Slimming

We smell a good idea. On the bridge of your nose, apply highlighter while blending in foundation that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. For contouring purposes, this will make your nose appear smaller.

Glowing Cheeks

Forget the tanning bed or bronzer. Over blush, apply a small dot of highlighter to the apple of your cheek for a glow like no other.

Cheekbone Definition

Instead of just adding luminosity to your cheeks, apply highlighter in a diagonal line from beneath your eye (around the center) up to where your hair meets your face. This route will create instant definition in your cheekbones!

Cupid’s Bow Clean Up

Above your Cupid’s Bow, a.k.a. the shape created by your upper lip, apply highlighter to enhance your lipstick. This creates a clean look - no lip liner necessary.

Eyes Expansion

Forgo the coffee before a night out. If you’re feeling (or looking) tired, put a small bit of highlighter in the center of your eyelid. This easy application will make your eyes look bigger and more awake.

Try these highlighter how-to’s ASAP to get going (and get glowing) in no time!