5 Reasons to Choose Airbrush Makeup For Weddings

5 Reasons to Choose Airbrush Makeup For Weddings

Airbrush makeup is best for wedding day emotions, weather and more

Choosing to wear airbrush makeup while celebrating your (or someone else’s) wedding day is a no-brainer. After all, with so many other big factors to consider, why fuss over a flawless face? While using a compacts, liquid foundation and even traditional eyeshadows, can create a stunning look, there are an infinite amount of benefits to using airbrush makeup.

More and more, brides are ditching their sponges and brushes for airbrush makeup. And we don’t blame them! Before walking down the aisle, or watching a friend do so, here are five positive points to consider about airbrush makeup.


Even coverage means there’s no excess, caked-on foundation. Everything goes on smoothly and evenly, which looks perfect for pictures. So, hello Instagram! We’re ready for our close up.

Natural Looking

With the ability to layer, and match your skin tone, having different colors on your face vs. your body is a problem of years’ past. Airbrush makeup provides full coverage and is suitable for all skin types!

Long Lasting

Rather than reapplying throughout the night, airbrush makeup stays on hours beyond traditional cosmetics. That means no running to the washroom for touch ups or worrying about it fading away. One application lasts all day! We can’t say the same for our five inch heels…


Because you (or your makeup artist) aren’t using brushes, sponges or your hands to apply makeup, there isn’t any transfer of bacteria from tool to skin. The product inside the airbrush touches nothing between the device and your face!

Water Resistant

You can’t always predict the weather (or happy tears from falling at any given moment)! Thankfully, if either occurs, your makeup will last. Airbrush makeup is water resistant, so whether you find yourself running for cover -- or bawling your eyes out -- your makeup won’t be trickling down either.

Beyond the Face

Airbrush makeup isn’t just for cheeks, eyelids and foreheads! It can be used on arms, legs and the body to cover up scars and more. Why stop perfecting at the neck?

Try airbrush makeup for your next occasion. You’ll notice the difference immediately and see the proof in the photos after!