5 Tips for Looking Royal on Your Wedding Day

Remember Audrey Hepburn’s iconic look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and how her character, Holly Golightly, transformed herself from plain, country girl to glamorous, Manhattan socialite by dressing like royalty? Aspiring princess brides everywhere can take a lesson from Miss Golightly; and simply look the part. Get ready to take your princess status up a notch!

Say I Do in an Updo

Updos have long been fashionable among the aristocracy. The most memorable styles were those of Marie Antoinette who achieved her multi-tiered ringlets with the help of wigs. Luckily, these elaborate updos went out of fashion as modern princesses gravitated towards more elegant styles such as the classic bun that Grace Kelly chose for her wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco. Keep in mind that even a simple updo takes some time and talent to produce so you’ll want to work with a professional stylist and do a trial to test out your ideas.

Top it all off with a Tiara How do you spot a princess? She’s the one wearing a tiara. After all, nothing connotes royalty more than these sparkly accessories. Don’t be frightened by the giant, unstable bling you’ve seen placed on the heads of beauty pageant winners because today’s bridal tiaras come in all sizes and styles from designs that whisper “princess” to ones that scream “queen.” Be sure to bring your headpiece to your hair trial so you can see how it will work with different updo options.

Fake Flawless Skin Storybook princesses always seemed to have one thing in common – naturally perfect skin. Real life brides can achieve a flawless look that’s very close to storybook princess perfection with the use of airbrush makeup, which mists the surface of your skin with tiny droplets of color. Airbrush is great for foundation but also works perfectly to cover scars or any other imperfections. It’s best to work with a makeup artist who has been specially trained in airbrush, but if you’ve spent all your money on your dress and tiara and have to do your own wedding day makeup, try the TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System, which is easy to use and produces very professional looking results.

Add Long Lashes that Sparkle Long lashes are a wedding day must and fake eyelash strips are good option but removing them after the wedding may make you feel like Cinderella after midnight. Your best option for a dramatic, but completely natural, lash look that will last through your honeymoon is to get professionally applied eyelash extensions, or a semi-permanent mascara. To make your new lash look worthy of a royal wedding, have your lash technician add sparkly, crystal coated lashes to the outer corner of your eyes.

Glove it up! Long white gloves, aka Opera Gloves, have long been a favorite, formal accessory for royals and are a perfect complement to today’s strapless and halter wedding dress designs. Gloves made specifically for brides come with a slit on the inside of the ring finger on the left hand so that they do not have to be removed for the exchanging of the rings. Keep the gloves on at least through the first dance and you and your husband will truly feel like a king and queen. -Post by bridal guest blogger Ann Merin of TLC's Wedding Day Makeover