How CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum Was Formulated to Combat the Seven Signs of Aging

How CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum Was Formulated to Combat the Seven Signs of Aging

TEMPTU’s award-winning professional airbrush makeup has helped women achieve flawless-looking skin for decades. Now, with the introduction of our brand-new Core7 anti-aging hydrating serum, it’s even easier to score the complexion of your dreams.

Introducing CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum

CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum is a powerful anti-aging serum that’s designed to transform your skin into the perfect canvas prior to makeup application — but that’s not all. This innovative formula is also specifically engineered to fight the following seven core signs of aging:

  • Dullness
  • Sagginess/Loss of Elasticity
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Dryness
  • Rough Texture
  • Large Pore Size
  • Age Spots & Discoloration

How Does CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum Work?

CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum is made with the very best anti-aging serum ingredients to deliver incredible results. This skincare essential can be applied to the face and body either by hand or with the TEMPTU Air.

Our patented Atomized AirFlow Technology™ produces a microfine mist of CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum, allowing it to penetrate the top layers of the skin more efficiently with faster drying times and virtually no residue.

The ability to airbrush CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum makes it particularly ideal for makeup prep and allows for easier application and is a more hygenic and soothing application, with no need to touch the skin.

CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum’s Powerhouse Ingredients

CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum is formulated with a powerful blend of trusted, natural ingredients for skin that looks healthier, younger, and more radiant.

Peptides, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids all combine with vitamins, botanicals, and plant-derived ingredients that are clean, vegan and best in class.

  • Peptides fight wrinkles & smooth skin
  • Plant-derived lipids and essential fatty acids hydrate, protect, & soften skin
  • Daisy extract brightens
  • Lemon balm soothes & fights skin damage
  • Coconut extract hydrates
  • Penetrating Vitamin C brightens & boosts collagen while deeply penetrating the skin barrier
  • Vitamin E fights wrinkles & skin damage
  • Enantia chlorantha extract controls oil and pore size

CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum’s Anti-Aging Benefits

CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum targets all seven telltale signs of aging by instantly boosting skin moisturization, improving skin tone and texture, minimizing pores, brightening the complexion, and reducing the appearance of age spots and discoloration with continued daily use.

CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum’s skin tightening complex reduces pore size up to 15% when used 2x per day for 28 days — and it’s peptide complex reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just ONE week!

As an added bonus, CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum helps control oil and shine — making it ideal for women who experience adult acne or breakouts during menopause. As women’s testosterone levels rise during this hormonal shift, their sebaceous glands tend to secrete thicker sebum, which results in oily-looking skin. CORE7 Anti-Aging Hydration Serum’s unique mattifying complex can reduce sebum flow by up to 30% and can reduce persistent shine near the nose by up to 20% when used 2x per day for 28 days.