7 Reasons Makeup Artists Love TEMPTU

7 Reasons Makeup Artists Love TEMPTU

TEMPTU’s airbrush makeup is an absolute must-have for professional makeup artists everywhere... and you can take it from the pros themselves.

We’ve rounded up just a few of the many reasons to love our airbrush makeup according to the best in the biz:

1. It looks natural.

Big Little Lies makeup department head Michelle Radow credits TEMPTU’s Perfect Canvas Airpod Foundation with giving actresses Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz flawless-looking skin in a flash. “It gives a natural, skin-like finish, and you don’t have to powder it afterward,” she raves.

Miho Suzuki, Kravitz’s on-set personal makeup artist, just so happens to agree. “I wanted to keep Zoë’s skin as raw as possible,” she says. “So I touched up using TEMPTU Perfect Canvas Airbrush Foundation throughout the day. It sets matte enough to keep the skin looking natural and raw, and it doesn’t build up at all.”

New York fashion celebrity makeup artist Sheri Teri even credits our airbrush makeup with helping her book and retain clients. “Using TEMPTU has improved my business because of the beautiful skin I can create. Clients rebook me because of that. I love it!”

2. It lasts.

Brandy Allen, a professional makeup artist based in L.A., raves that our airpods are “so long-wearing” and look “beautiful on the skin with a silky finish.”

Celebrity makeup artist Tanya Deemer also relies on our products to help her clients look their best all day.

“Some of my favorite TEMPTU products include the Base Primer & S/B Mixing Medium, as it fills in lines as a primer on steroids. It softens the lines on the face and really preps the skin to hold on to the makeup in situations where sweat/rain/humidity/tears may be an issue. Remember, anything you mix with the Mixing Medium becomes more water resistant! Some of my other favorites include the S/B Concealer Wheel, S/B Adjusters and the S/B Hi-Def Starter Set.”

3. It’s versatile.

Award-winning makeup artist Isabelle De Vries considers our airbrush makeup her “favorite product” in her makeup kit thanks to its overall versatility.

“I love my TEMPTU highlighters, especially white shimmer, pink pearl and champagne. I love using these mixed in with my S/B foundations to give a beautiful glow. I also really love the TEMPTU S/B Mixing Medium. I spray this directly over the top of my makeup to create a wet, dewy look when shooting editorial.”

De Vries particularly appreciates that our products can be applied different ways for a variety of looks. “I love the fact that I can apply TEMPTU products by both hand and air. I love when applying it by hand how beautifully buffs it into the skin, I mix colors together on my pallet and then use either a brush or sponge to apply it to the skin. The product itself is so light it doesn’t cake on the skin, it doesn’t crease—it just creates a perfect canvas!”

4. It covers problem areas.

De Vries is also impressed by our airbrush foundation’s superior coverage. “I find that a lot of the time, when applying makeup foundation by hand, it doesn’t stick to some blemishes. Airbrushing completely defeats this problem, because it’s sprayed on over the top without touching the skin, so it just sets and covers everything!”

Teri agrees. “I love TEMPTU because it makes me look like a rockstar! My ability to work with any skin texture—from model perfect to acne prone or mature—I can deliver beautiful, glowing, healthy-looking skin every time!”

5. It’s easy to use.

Criminal Minds makeup artist Wendi Avignone regularly uses TEMPTU to airbrush actors on the hit show. “I have found that not only is it easier and less time consuming, but that most people welcome that flawless look, especially with HD.”

De Vries agrees, adding that “Airbrushing is so quick and easy. There is no mess, there is no cleaning brushes—you just click your pod in to use it and click it out to change colors. I really love the Airpods because they’re so easy. There is no more cleaning out your airbrush well or needle like a generic airbrush or anything like that. It’s so great for on-location, too, because it’s so portable. The convenience is my favorite feature.”