The Best Contouring and Bronzing Tips for Mature Skin

The Best Contouring and Bronzing Tips for Mature Skin

Love the look of a summertime tan, but worried about emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles? Fear no more! When applied correctly, the right bronzing products can actually help older skin look younger, healthier and more radiant. We sat down with TEMPTU Pro Artist and Global Educator Tanya Deemer to score some pointers on choosing the best makeup for mature skin.

What are the best bronzers for mature skin?

When it comes to bronzing and contouring over 50, Deemer suggests using hydrating formulas for the smoothest finish. “It’s no secret that mature skin can be a bit dehydrated and show more expression lines,” she explains. Because of this, she recommends using liquid formulas instead of creams and powders, as they’re “far superior for dehydrated skin.”

Pro Tip: Deemer recommends using TEMPTU’s Perfect Canvas Airpod Bronzer & Contour, “because it can be applied by hand or by air even by someone who’s never used an airbrush before.” Even better, it’s “packed full of skincare ingredients with a mixture of amino acids, peptides and vitamins that target various issues often seen with mature skin.”

What bronzing products should you avoid using on mature skin?

Deemer suggests avoiding makeup products with too much glitter. “TEMPTU’s Bronzer & Contour offers just the right amount of radiance without ‘glittery fallout.’ Even the Warm Glow Bronzer, which has more shimmer, doesn’t experience fallout due to the ultra-fine pigments used in the formula.”

Pro Tip: According to Deemer, it’s a good idea to “look for colors that are not too orange on the skin and not too ashy either. Remember, the goal is to achieve the appearance of being bronzed by the sun. When we think of the sun, we think of a kiss of warm bronze.”

How should you apply bronzer to mature skin?

When it comes to applying makeup to mature skin, Deemer’s preferred technique is making “small, overlapping circles” with an airbrush gun to deliver a perfectly blended application. Doing so, she says, will help the bronzer “sit on top of the skin without clogging pores or settling into fine lines.”

Pro Tip: Deemer recommends applying bronzer and contour “in light layers to achieve any level of glow.” Just make sure each layer is allowed to dry before the next one is applied to ensure that the product doesn’t settle into fine lines or pores.

How can you choose the best bronzer for your skin tone?

For a subtle, sun-kissed glow that works on a wide range of complexions, Deemer suggests using TEMPTU’s Perfect Canvas Airpod Bronzer & Contour. If you prefer a more reflective bronzer with more shimmer, you may want to try TEMPTU’s “Warm Glow” shade instead. As Deemer explains, these products are “not too warm or too cool, so they can be used on virtually all skin tones.”

“There’s no fear of an orange hue, which seems to be a common concern when choosing the best bronzer for older skin,” she adds.

Pro Tip: Create a flawless foundation for your bronzer with our SilkSphere Airpod Foundation. It’s made with an advanced smoothing complex that actually helps minimize the appearance of imperfections, pores, fine lines and wrinkles.